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Beetroot lip balm revives your lips with natural antioxidant properties of beetroot. Known as an incredible skin healer, beetroot softens rough skin while providing long-lasting hydration. The rich blend of coconut oil and wheat germ oil tame away patched and dehydrated lips. The long-lasting creamy formula helps replenish your lips and promises a soft and smooth feel. Easy to carry, the lip balm comes in a small box for any time soft and beautiful lips.

Key Benefits
Provides UV Protection

Protect From Sun Damage

The lip balm shields your skin from UVA radiation. Its sun protection properties better protect your lips from sun damage and tan. 

Boost Moisturizer

The beetroot lip balm retains lips moisture by providing buttery hydration due to the rich formulation of beetroot and natural oils. 

dehydration lips

Heal Chapped Lips

Rich formulation of coconut oil and wheat germ oil help to relieve sore chapped or dry lips. While ensuring complete nourishment by repairing damaged lips. 

Natural Ingredients


Beetroot contains water soluble, bright red pigment that is a rich source of dietary fiber and vitamins for your lips.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Rich in vitamins, coconut oil easily get absorbed in the skin and is good to treat sunburned, dry or cracked lips.

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil

Vitamin E rich wheat germ oil soothes your lips by providing proper nourishment. It also helps retain the natural glow of your lips.



Organzy beetroot lip balm is handcrafted by combining the vibrant red pigments of beetroot. It moisturizes your lips and gives them a beautiful red tint.. The lip balm combines a rich blend of natural oils with extracting vitamins. These vitamins restore the natural glow of lips for healthy hydration and good health. The lip balm gives your lips the perfect pop of rosy and natural lips. It leaves the lips soft and smooth with intense moisturization for hours.


Beetroot lip balm combined with natural oils is a perfect blend of goodness and health. The lusciously nourishing lip balm is made with natural beetroots. Enriched with natural oils, the lip balm contains the best qualities to make your lips smile. Beet extracts give a slight tint to your lips.

All day glow and smoothness is what defines this beetroot lip balm. It is free from harmful chemicals and is purely designed to make your lips look naturally plumped. The lip balm can be your go-to-day product for smooth, healthy and beautiful lips.

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